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Voices from the community

Alan Rockefeller

“I use the Psilo-QTests to quantify the psilocybin in rare species that I study. They have given me insight into the potency of new species of Psilocybe and rare psychoactive Inocybe.”

Magic Myco

“I love Psilo-QTests by Miraculix Lab. A vital tool for quick assessment of cultivated batches at home as well as pro lab use as it adds a layer of validity to the research. I have used them extensively against HPLC and measured them with my Spectrophotometer. Its design and dependability make for safer and more efficacious use around psilocybe mushroom research and use in our community.”


“Miraculix’s test is definitely a game-changer that makes harm reduction testing faster and easier than ever before. The ability to do on the spot potency testing can help breeders, manufacturers and consumers alike. Whether you want to find the strongest clone line, make sure this batch is the same as the last, or even just see how much of a homegrown mushroom you should eat, the Miraculix kit is the quickest and easiest way out to ensure you Know Your Dose!”

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