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Portable and standalone device for precise evaluation of our QTests

Choose between the single device or the device together with a box of 5 of our Psilocybin QTest

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QTest Photometer – Measuring your QTest result is now even easier and more precise

The QTest Photometer is a portable and standalone device for the evaluation of our quantitative tests. It measures the color intensity and outputs the direct values for the measured alkaloids. It displays directly how many milligrams of psilocybin are in your mushroom sample or how many micrograms of LSD are on your blotter. We have already measured all pure substances at the university and share all data and calibration lines publicly. Regardless of this, it is a proper open-source photometer and can measure different wavelengths and be useful for a lot of other experiments besides QTests.











Key Features of the Photometer:

  • Precise evaluation of our quantitative QTest color reactions
  • Already calibrated for psilocybin/psilocin, MDMA, or LSD
  • Open Source and easy to use
  • Developed and handbuild in the US by IO Rodeo

The evaluation is therefore much more accurate because individual assessments, interfering variables such as ambient light or similar are no longer necessary. And the best thing is, they come to you already calibrated! All you have to do is pipette your sample into the cuvette and the result of your QTest is shown directly on the display, no additional computer is required. The accuracy of the concentration analysis increases significantly compared to the evaluation by eye and is now less than 5% deviation from an HPLC analysis and in the range in which HPLC analyses also fluctuate.

The cuvette holder and enclosure are made from 3D-printed black nylon material and the electronics are programmed with open-source firmware written in CircuitPython. The Open Colorimeter ships pre-programmed & ready-to-use so no assembly, soldering or programming is needed.


Each Open Colorimeter includes the following:

  • 595nm LED board
  • USB cable for battery-charging or power
  • Pack of 6 cuvettes: 3 macro (2.5-4.5 mL) and 3 semi-macro (1.5-3.0 mL)
  • Light-blocking cap to place over the cuvette during measurements


Additional LED board options

The Open Colorimeter comes with a 595nm LED Board but additional single-wavelength  LED boards are available so users can fully customize their instrument. The Colorimeter is Open Hardware certified.


Photometer + Psilocybin QTest (5 tests in one box), Photomether single

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